Rubber Surfacing for Commercial Pool Decks in Raleigh, NC

When it comes to choosing the right surface material for a swimming pool deck, smart homeowners and business owners are increasingly choosing rubber. As a renowned installer of commercial pool decks in Raleigh, Carolina Surfacing has experienced great demand for resurfacing projects featuring rubber, and satisfied customers often remark that they no longer have to worry about children or guests screaming in pain when the soles of their feet burn on hot concrete pool decks.

The reality of Raleigh rubber pool decks is that they offer a sensible alternative to concrete, stone, and other materials traditionally used for this purpose. Quite a few commercial pool decks in Raleigh, particularly at apartment complexes, hotels, and resorts, have opted to resurface with rubber for various reasons, and the two more important reasons are related to safety and wellness. Rubber pool decking reduces the likelihood of injury thanks to its shock absorption properties and non-abrasive texture; moreover, the grip properties of rubber surfaces provide traction. Needless to say, this is very important, particularly for kids or elderly swimmers who might slip on wet concrete.

With commercial pool decks, business owners no longer have to worry about fixing cracks each year or repainting after a season of heavy rainfall. The rubber pool resurfacing projects completed by Carolina Surfacing come with a five-year warranty, which is far longer than what installers of concrete or stone decks offer. As for maintenance, rubber pool decks can be swept, wiped, mopped, or simply hosed off; even the most stubborn stains can usually be removed with a pressure washer.

Carolina Surfacing installs Raleigh rubber pool decks made with advanced polymer resins that can be poured into place just like concrete, and when the rubber granules are fully set, they create a tight and firm surface area that is resilient, durable, safe, safe, and attractive. The granules themselves are mixed in different colors and shapes to create stylish textures that resemble beach sand or even the bottom of an aquarium. For more information about their commercial pool decks in Raleigh, browse