Don't bust out your old concrete!


Pools, patios, porches, garages & Walkways.

There is nothing better to resurface your old concrete with. Our poured-in-place rubber surfacing is second to none. We can resurface old, cracked, eroded concrete with a beautiful rubber surface that will last for decades. It's called Rubaroc. Click for more detailed information.

The advantages of Rubaroc surfacing:

  • Extremely durable - we give a 5 year warranty and it will last for decades. We have pool decks that were done 30 years ago and are still going strong!

  • Safety - There is no better non-slip surface for concrete. When wet it actually has even more grip!

  • Cool - This will not get scorching hot like concrete in the summer sun.

  • Beautiful - In our humble opinion, there is nothing that looks more beautiful when it comes to concrete resurfacing

  • Cost - Resurface your concrete once and be done with it. With Rubaroc there's no need to resurface your concrete every few years or to bust it out and replace it. Ask yourself "three years from now, what will I be happy with?" The answer is Rubaroc!

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This short video gives a great explanation of what Rubaroc is and how it works.

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How does Rubaroc safety surfacing perform in the harsh climate of Canadian winters? See for yourself how Rubaroc performs in February in Atlantic Canada. Our rubber is designed to maintain its flexibility between -50 and +150 degrees Celsius.